God sure has me doing interesting stuff lately. Some of it is brand new. When I get nervous that I'm not up to the task, I take some time to pray. He always works it out and shows me the way! Too cool.…” was my Facebook post on June 14th. I’d just dropped off my car at Whaley’s Body Shop in Nashville for the second time in 5 weeks. In both collisions, I was stopped at a red light and a teenage boy didn’t see me. Except for a few bruises, I am no worse for the wear, and Whaley’s has repaired my car to perfection, twice.

I reflected on how I’ve built “spacers” into my schedule. Instead of scheduling every minute of every day trying to be productive (and earn God’s love), I build in blocks of time when I can be still and listen for God’s voice. I was blessed in both cases that the parents of the young teenage boys who were responsible for the accidents took care of all the expenses including rental cars. So, I am no worse for the wear, except for some time. All my time belongs to God and if that is what he needs me to do, I am listening.


Yesterday afternoon I got a text from my next-door neighbor as I was driving home from work, “Call me when you get a moment.”  I was only 10 minutes away and when I arrived, I had five neighbors standing in my yard. Apparently at 1PM my house was hit by lightning. There is roof damage, my yard irrigation system control box was launched onto my neighbor’s porch, outside electrical outlet is black, no internet, cable or phone and my older computer is non-functioning. A quick call to the alarm company (which was blaring) quieted my security system, and resetting fuses restored electricity inside the house. A thoughtful neighbor had already turned off my water as the hole in the ground indicated a broken underground pipe in the front yard that was gushing water.

Today is another interesting day as I wait for various repairmen and the insurance adjuster to put my house back together again.

As I reflect on yesterday, I’m fine, my dog rested through it all, and everything can be repaired. When you have possessions, you have to be prepared to maintain them.

I have my health, a fabulous job with great co-workers and bosses, and wonderful church friends. I am rich in so many ways that can’t be seen or measured.

I am glad I have “spacers” in my schedule to take care of things that God wants me to do. And I’m not asking why…that is totally up to Him.

Blessings for your day today that you too may be rich in the intangibles of life.