Power of God

I had the opportunity to see the power of God first hand last week when my house was struck by lightning. There is considerable damage to my lawn irrigation system, some roof damage and various electrical components inside. The force was incredible, blasting my irrigation control box onto my neighbor’s porch and leaving a six-foot hole in my backyard where the current exited. I feel blessed that everything can be fixed or replaced.

I’m sure that there is a scientific explanation for the damage, but it seems random that it hit my house rather than a neighbor’s, and spared some electrical components (like my TV), but annihilated others (like my desktop computer and printer, wireless router and receiver).

Rather than searching for the mathematical calculations that explain lightning, I prefer to see it as evidence of God’s great power. It is power not to destroy, but instead to control the universe. It is a mysterious power, but I’m comforted knowing that God can unleash such force, showing us signs that His kingdom is breaking into ours.

God is so powerful that He cured a good friend of cancer last week. I can’t explain that either.

I pray that you will feel God’s power in your life, too.

Blessings, my friend,

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