Chapel, St. George's Episcopal Church, Nashville

Chapel, St. George's Episcopal Church, Nashville

Welcome to this Index of Healing Prayers. The prayers are primarily from the Books of Common Prayer in the United States, South Africa and New Zealand. I am a lay healing prayer intercessor at my church, and I believe in the power of healing prayer.

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Stories of Healing Miracles in My Life

Eyesight Restored- Eyesight in my right eye is restored after 4-1/2 years
Cancer Scare -I was at peace when I had a 2nd cancer scare in 2010
Money Arrives to Help a Friend - I knew I received a tax refund to help a friend
Miracles- Sign #4 - Miracles are like warning flags, signaling a different reality


Healing Prayers

Family and Personal Life:
An Epistle: Thursday Evening: New Zealand Prayer Book
For the Human Family
The Gift of Modesty
Ash Wednesday: New Zealand Prayer Book
Be Satisfied With Me
Blessing for a STUDY or HOME OFFICE
For Families
For Sleep 
For Sleep (BCP, U.S.A.)
Of Thanksgiving
Litany of Thanksgiving
For Today
Daily Devotion: Thursday Evening (New Zealand)
Prayer to Celebrate a Marriage
For the Good Use of Leisure
For Family and Friends
For Our Enemies
For Education
For Teachers and Educators
For the Answering of Prayer
For Young Persons
Spiritual Communion
For God to Hear Us
For Quiet Confidence
Night Prayer: New Zealand Prayer Book
Night Prayer from New Zealand
Night Prayer: LET IT BE
Prayers of an Unknown Confederate Soldier
St. Thomas, the Apostle
Silent Night    
In Times of Conflict
For the Aged
For Those Who Live Alone
Wednesday Morning Prayer from New Zealand
Anglican Prayer Rosary (English and Spanish)
For Travelers 

Sick and Dying:
For The Sick
For Those Who Tend The Sick
For The Family of a Sick Person
For Those Suffering from Addiction
For People in Severe Pain
For People Critically Ill or Facing Uncertainty
Prayer Before A Funeral
When I Die
For the Departed

The World:
For the Future of the Human Race
Peace: South Africa

The Church:
For Church Musicians and Artists
For All Holy Scripture
Laying on of Hands and Anointing

National Life:
For Our Country
For Those Who Govern
For Good Government
Armed Forces

Social Order:
For the Beauty of the Earth
For the Unemployed

Natural Order:
The Lake of Beauty