Miracles occur with physical, emotional, spiritual, and community healing

Miracles - A miracle of physical healing when my eyesight was restored after 4-1/2 years

Miracles- Part II - Spiritual Healing when I had my 2nd brush with breast cancer in 2010

Miracles- Part III - Emotional and Spiritual Healing to Trust God when I was blessed with money to help a friend

Miracles- Sign #4 - It was a small "miracle", but it gives us hope that God is with us in the world.

A Fresh Encounter - The cloudiness was gone from my right eye, but it wasn't until 18 months later that I had crystal clear vision.

Receiving Healing - The pain and weakness in my left leg that I had for 18 months has resolved after healing prayers. 



Turning Points

When God guides us to one path over another and our life is NEVER the same

Turning Point #1 - The Greater Prize - I thought I was getting married, instead the prize was greater

Turning Point #2 - My House (VIDEO) - I didn't need such a large house after my divorce; why would God want me to keep it?

Turning Point #3 - A Mountaintop Experience (VIDEO) - During treatment for breast cancer, the Lord asked me a specific question. It changed my life.

Turning Point # 4 - Pleasing Others  (VIDEO)- If it's not about pleasing others, what is it about?

Turning Point #5 - Living Fully (VIDEO)- Dying well only comes when we Live Fully