Letting Go

It was good to see the photos of Dads on Facebook yesterday. Many were in military uniforms, or lovingly holding their children. It was also a day of remembrances for Dads who are no longer with us.

I read one post of despair from a Dad late last night whose adult children never called. They've been estranged since a divorce a few years ago. I sent a quick note of encouragement as I’ve faced the same on Mother’s Day. At their father’s decree, my stepchildren haven't contacted me since our divorce 6 years ago. 

My friends ask if I'm angry at the "ungratefulness"--"After all, you helped raise them since they were 13, paying for college and weddings and even having your stepson live with you. They should be more appreciative."

My advice yesterday to my friend is the same for me, "You have to learn to let go. God asked you to raise your children. He asked you to provide for their security, give them an education and give them your love. You did what God asked you to do and you did it willingly, not asking for anything in return. Now, God is asking you to let them go. If they contact you in the future it is out of free will, not obligation. And even if they don't, the important thing is that you served God by doing what he asked. Continue to love them in your heart, but don't despair. Mary and Joseph were asked to care for Jesus when he was small, but then they had to let him go, too--so that he could serve God." 

It is hard, but are there people or events in your life where you need to "let go?" Do it with grace, knowing that you have served God well.


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