Planting Seeds

Each trip to South Africa is different for me.  Today, we met Archbishop Desmond Tutu at the Cathedral in Cape Town where we participated in Eucharist.  He signed two Anglican Prayer Books that Martha and I had bought when we were having coffee after service.

 We talked that some days are about planting seeds and some days are about reaping harvests.  For me, this trip has been more about planting seeds, by nurturing relationships, participating in worship, and hearing of interesting discussions among 4 bishops! 

 Tomorrow is a reaping the harvest day.  We start at 8:30 to build an addition on to the Lebakeng house so that their caregiver can have her own room.  It gets mighty crowded in a two-bedroom house with five children and a caregiver.

 The blessings that we receive from our friends in our South Africa are much more than the blessings that we are able to give.