Reaping the Harvest

Today was a big day, our next to last.  Martha, Dipou and I went shopping for the Lebakeng family.  We bought groceries, cleaning supplies, household items, and a washing machine! 



Joanna finished working with the Sunday school teachers and everyone else worked on the outside of the Lebakeng house.  The family’s yard now has sod, wonderful trees and a rose garden, a new concrete patio and concrete retaining wall to keep the front yard from washing away.  We are still awaiting a building permit to add the additional room.


 It is inspiring to see us all working together to help a family in need.  Their caregiver Angie says, “I don’t want them to think of themselves as orphans.  God loves them and we must show them His love.”

South Africa is where I first experienced this unearned love 3 years ago.  It was when I knew that I would never be an orphan, even if I have no earthly family. With this fortification, God is now asking me, “What are you going to do with this wisdom?  How are you going to show others that God’s love is truly overflowing in your life?”  God asks hard questions, but with this year’s trip, I know the answers.

One more day tomorrow of glorious inspiration here in South Africa and then it is homeward bound.

Oh—it is just after 9PM here.  We just heard a clap of thunder and it is starting to rain.  Rain to water the sod and the flowers that we planted today for the Lebakeng family. 

God Bless.