I had the privilege of joining 9 co-workers this afternoon for a cooking class at the Viking Cooking School in Franklin, TN. Chef Brian was great and made it fun for all of us; we had a wonderful meal of mixed greens salad with walnuts, roasted beets, and goat cheese, roasted chicken with herb butter, potato galette, haricots verts and apple and dried plum tart. 

I really enjoy cooking; it is enriching to take various items from God’s creation like lettuce, beets, walnuts, oranges and a little salt and pepper and assemble them into a unique dish. I’ve been to South Africa with my church on mission trips the last four years and each time I volunteer to help prepare the meal for the children. We help feed 100 children one hot meal per week at our partner church outside of Johannesburg. It is always the highlight of my trip to sit with the women of the church, talking and laughing, cutting up carrots and potatoes, and seasoning the beef. The photograph is of Polotina and Florence, the chief chefs!

Throughout the Bible we read of the hospitality and nourishment surrounding banquets, meals and even a wedding feast in Cana! In Matthew 14:14-21 Jesus feeds the thousands; in John 21:2-14 Christ cooks fish for the disciples on the shore post-Resurrection. Jesus commands us in Luke 22:19 to “take bread and wine to make it into the Body and Blood of Christ.”

I’ve been on the receiving end, too. When I was recovering from breast cancer surgeries, friends and people I hardly even knew showered me with homemade meals and treats. I tried to tell them how much it meant to me during that difficult time, but my words were inadequate; I felt loved through the food that they brought me.

Cooking for others is a way of sharing and serving love with our hands and our hearts.

I am always joyful when planning, shopping, preparing, cooking and sharing a meal.

Do you share the ministry of cooking? Please share your experiences here!

Blessings, my friend,


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