Adopted Love


Although she was gone before I was born, my paternal grandmother was adopted from a family in Pittsburgh who gave up their little girl to an Irish Catholic family in Upstate New York. I never learned any additional details; the adoption was only spoken of once or twice.

Many of my friends have adopted children to add to a biological family or to fulfill their calling to be parents when unable to have children of their own, adopting children from the United States and foreign countries. I have more friends who are in the waiting phase of adoption.

Without exception, they love these children, nurturing them, reminding them that they are “chosen” and raising them in the ways of the Lord.

In the Anglican Prayer Book of South Africa, there is a beautiful service:


The parents receive the child from the Minister and, together with members of the family, say:

“We receive this child into our family

   with thanksgiving and joy,

Through the love of God we receive him

With the love of God we will care for him

By the love of God we will guide him;

And in the love of God

   May we all abide for ever.”


The parents then say:

“God our Father, we thank you

   for this child you have given us;

help us to be good parents

and grant that by our love for him

he may learn to know and love you

  his heavenly Father;

through Jesus Christ our Lord.”


I wish I had known my grandmother. I hope that she knows how much she was loved.

Blessings, my friend,


Adopted Love- (click here for MP3 file)