Giving ME Up

Ash Wednesday has come and gone and the 40-day Lenten season is upon us. My friends are starting to complain of headaches, dizziness and other symptoms of withdrawal. Scientists don’t fully understand the short to medium-term side effects of quitting diet Coke, a vente latte or chocolate “cold turkey”. Only time will tell if removing this much caffeine at once will increase road rage or decrease our jitteriness.

People give up other things for Lent, targeting things they like and enjoy daily. Giving up a common pleasure is supposed to represent true denial. Isn’t this supposed to make us a better person and a better Christian?

I just can’t figure out how to give ME up.

God created me, little ole me, in His image and blessed me with a wonderful life; too wonderful most of the time. He’s allowed me to live in a free country, receive an excellent education, obtain a great job, a comfortable home and provided me with the resources and desire to talk with others about Christ. For all this I am eternally grateful.

At the same time, I often think I alone deserve the merits of my accomplishments, evidenced by the diplomas hanging in my office or the accolades from friends and colleagues.

What I crave even more than my daily cup of coffee is to find my true self and to lose the horrible insecurities and over-indulgences of my selfishness that keep me from receiving all God has in store for me.

Rather than looking at the next 40 days as temporary denial, I need to walk away from those self-centered “highs” long-term and place my full and complete trust in Christ’s love for me; little ole me.

What joy it will be on Easter to celebrate my risen Savior and the chance to spend eternity in His presence – worshipping at His feet and in His full glory! While I wait, I’m going to use this Lenten season to work towards losing my indulgence in ME and instead lay the foundation for growing my dependence on Christ.

Will you join me in this fast?



Giving ME Up-(click here for MP3 file)