Lenten Learnings

Lent began yesterday, on March 9, Ash Wednesday.

During this season, I plan to be like a moth, flying ever closer to the flame. I’ll attend morning church each day, listening for the word or phrase that brings light to the confusion of my everyday life.

Over these 40 days, I'm intently listening for ways that I can be a better friend. Anderson and Reese in Spiritual Mentoring give four irreducible basic characteristics of all deep friendships:

  •   Careful, engaged listening
  •   Thoughtful, interested question-asking
  •   Confidentiality in the privacy of friends
  •   Practice of progressive trust-giving and trust-receiving between friends

What are you hoping to learn about yourself this Lent? What about how to effectively  communicate your faith to others?





Lenten Learnings-(click here for MP3 file)