Little Things Make Big Differences

Today I got to use one of my God given gifts – I cooked all morning for the feeding scheme! Each week about one hundred children eat a hot meal at the church. Last year we brought vegetable peelers, a grater, and good knives for them; the old knives were dull and useless. As I peeled potatoes and grated carrots, two of the ladies here, Polatina and Florence, asked if we could bring them more peelers, and better knives. They said it made it so much easier to feed the children and easier to expand the program. There are 200 children that need to be fed each week.  This proves one of the lessons Jesus taught us - Little things make Big Differences.


There are so many opportunities to serve here that the 11 of us split into six different groups.  I got to cook this morning (YEAH!!!). Bishop Bauerschmidt taught all morning at a regional clergy conference that Rev. Sarah Kerr attended. Joanna and Anita worked at the church building things for the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd program. John and Don worked on extending the garden at the Tsholetsega School.  Larry, Matthew and Martha worked on building the new room for the caregiver at the Lebakeng House, the family that we helped last year. Dyer went with Joffe, the Senior Warden at St. Thomas, to meet with representatives of the government to talk about buying the land for the new church.  With 11 travelers, we were called to six different ministries.  Even little efforts make big differences.