I met 8 lovely young women this past weekend who were wearing white bracelets with red letters: W.B.I.E.O. They are members of the University of Oklahoma 2011 Women’s Golf Team and I was in Norman, OK for an OU Women’s Golf Reunion. I lettered on the first team, playing two seasons, 1974-1976.

Unlike most other collegiate sports, golf is both an individual and a team event. In each tournament, 5 players play each day, with only the top 4 scores counted. Both individual and team honors are awarded for each multi-day tournament, so each girl plays the best she can, but then also cheers on her teammates.

Current team members and alumni told their stories at a Saturday brunch this past weekend. The 2011 squad have diverse backgrounds coming from Thailand, Australia and New Jersey. They are all wonderful ladies dedicated to their sport, studies, and to each other. Alumni also shared that for some golf is a career; others play in amateur tournaments or just for recreation. Each alumnus spoke how OU Golf had changed her life and the most important aspect were the friends that she had made.

Coach Veronique Druin is in her third year as the OU Sooner Women’s Golf Coach. She gave the current team members the bracelets: W.B.I.E.O.—We Believe In Each Other. It perfectly describes today’s squad as well as the alumni who have gone before them for 37 years of OU Women’s Golf---WE BELIEVE IN EACH OTHER.

I was reminded of another incredible bond in Mark 2:1-5. After Jesus healed many people, word spread like wildfire and the crowds in Capernaum gathered so that there wasn’t room for even one more person in the house where Jesus was teaching and healing. But four people were close friends with a paralytic and wanted the paralytic to be seen by Jesus so that he would be healed. So what did they do? They brought the paralytic on a mat and cut a hole in the roof, lowering the mat down so that the paralytic could be in Jesus’ presence. “When Jesus saw their faith, He said to the paralytic, “Son, your sins are forgiven,” and then the paralytic stood up and walked. Jesus healed the paralytic not because of the paralytic’s faith but because of the faithfulness of his friends. He saw their faith.

How true for us as well! The healing power of a friend is phenomenal. God is glorified when we put aside our own needs and wants, instead taking action and asking for healing for a friend!


I pray that everyone will experience the healing power of friends!

Blessings, my friend,


W.B.I.E.O.- (click here for MP3 file)