Waiting, Patiently

While Jesus prayed in Gethsemane, he asked Peter, James and John to remain there and “watch with me”. He went on a little further to pray, but upon his return he found them sleeping. “Could you not watch one hour?” (Matt 26:40-41)

After Maundy Thursday service, people sit in the chapel for one hour from 9PM tonight until 11:30AM on Good Friday keeping a vigil in the chapel. Only silence fills the room as people pray, read, or merely sit in serene contemplation. Some years it is hard to sit for an hour and not fall asleep.

This past year, I was hoping to learn how to wait more patiently. I’ve been impatient most of my life wanting to get things accomplished and move things off my plate. I’m doing better, but I still don’t understand when my carefully designed plans are derailed.

In preparation to sit in the chapel again tonight, I read the Bible verses again. This time I backed up and started with verse 39 where Jesus says twice, “Nevertheless, not as I will, but as you will….Nevertheless, not as I will, but as you will.”

I realized that I had it all wrong. I was struggling with patience, but I was waiting for things to happen that I wanted, not things that God has planned for me.

Tonight will be different. I’ll sit in the chapel at my appointed hour and wait, patiently, listening for God’s plan in my life.

You are invited to sit in the chapel with us for one hour between 9PM tonight until 11:30AM on Good Friday at St. George’s Episcopal Church, 4715 Harding Rd, Nashville, TN. Entrance to the chapel is through the outside door on the west side of the church.

Will you come watch with us?




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