Turning Point #2- My House

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Today, I’d like to share with you a story about a TURNING POINT in my life.  A TURNING POINT is that time and place where you reach a fork in the road. Sometimes we trust our instincts and head down a path, other times one road closes and we are led down the other. But looking back, we realize that those TURNING POINTS are times when God was directing us and nudging in a definite direction. When we listen to Him and take that path, there is no TURNING BACK, and our lives our changed forever!

This TURNING POINT happened to me five years ago in 2008 and has to do with the house that I live in. I was still going through treatment for breast cancer and a divorce and I realized that my finances were in bad shape. In fact, I’d taken out a 2nd loan on my house in order to pay for my living expenses.

In a chance meeting, a man who was a financial advisor offered to help me get back on my feet. As we were going through my expenses and budget he said, “You need to sell your house. I know it is emotional for you to want to keep it after the divorce, but you don’t need that much space for one person. It will cut your expenses to move into a smaller condominium.”

I wanted to take his advice, but I just couldn’t. I was still having considerable pain and going to physical therapy; I didn’t have the energy to even get the house ready to put up for sale let alone move. Against his advice, I stayed in the house.

In looking back, my financial situation has improved and I realized that I enjoy house guests and giving small parties where people can gather. My out-of-town friends always have a place to stay and my in-town friends have a temporary place when they are in transition. During the flood in 2010, I had plenty of room for people to stay and a place to store furniture while homes were being re-built.

I believe that it was God nudging me that day to keep the house so that I would develop my gift of hospitality. I’m so glad that I listened to Him and not the other voices in my head because I’ve made the most wonderful friends by having a place for people to stay overnight and to entertain.

Is there a TURNING POINT in your life that you can share? Like me, you might not have realized it when it was happening, but looking back it is easy to see God’s handprint working in your life.

Blessings, my friend,


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