Traveling Alone

I'm in Upstate New York in the Finger Lakes Region taking cooking classes for 3 days at the New York Wine and Culinary Center, 5 days on a private writing retreat at the Abbey of Genesee and then 2 days at my 40th High School Reunion in Geneseo, NY. I enjoy traveling with friends and sharing experiences, but this time I'm traveling alone.

Just like Jesus, sometimes I need to get away from the bustiling crowds so that I can pray and more clearly hear God's voice. When I'm talking with God through constant prayer, it's usually just him and me. I've learned that two of my passions, writing and photography, are also best done alone.

My routine world is full of busyness where I race from one place to another, "doing" a lot, but often not experiencing joy from all my motions. I need the quietness and space to clear my mind of earthly concerns in order to enjoy resting with God first, so that I can then enjoy the work that he has given me to do.

My solitude is intentional; it is the time when I make space to meet God.

I pray that you too will carve out intentional quiet time where you can meet God and experience the joy of hearing his voice! Although you may travel alone, He is always with us!



Photo of Tibbles the Cat, at Onanda by the Lake Bed and Breakfast, Canandiagua, NY

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