Top Ten Posts

Dear Readers,

Last week I posted my 200th story and 37th photo; here are the top ten posts of all time!

(The date in parentheses is the original date of the post).








1.   1 Corinthians 13 (Christmas Version) (12/17/2010)

Can we love all year-round?

2.   Can’t Wait to See You Again (10/21/2010)

Do women make the first move?

3.   PHOTO: Flower, Mount of Beatitudes (Israel) (1/27/2012)

Beautiful flowers; Blessings

4.   Love and Respect (11/15/2010)

Women want to be loved; Men want Respect

5.   My Family- St. George’s Episcopal Church, Nashville, TN (8/15/2011)

My church family is all I have; all I need

6.   PHOTO & VIDEO: Hunter’s Moon (10/12/2011)

By the light of the Hunter's Moon

7.   PHOTO: Reflection (11/7/2011) 

What reflects the man?

8.   Nothing Worse Than Indifference (11/14/2011)

When "I don't care" creeps into relationships

9.   The Cracks in Your Life (12/5/2011)

When a small, unresolved issue simmers

10. PHOTO: Light in Darkness (8/21/2011)

A small light in the darkness shines brightly