I’m attending Don Miller’s STORYLINE CONFERENCE at Belmont University in Nashville this Sunday and Monday. I’m hoping to understand more how I fit into God’s storyline so that I can share it with others.

I’m not important and my story might not be that exciting, but it is MY STORY: what God has willed in my life. I’ve always found writing helps me to solidify my thoughts particularly when I’m confused or in a period of deep discernment. When I’m going through tough trials, writing helps me to clear my head and make some sense from the pain.

I want to be able to learn the elements of storytelling at the conference so that I can help other people understand and tell their story, too. Although God made us in His image, we are each unique and God’s plan is just right for us.

Recently I’ve written a short 28-page eBOOK to start me thinking about MY STORY. It’s how I came to join an Episcopal Church in Nashville in 2008 after going on my first international mission trip to South Africa.

My eBOOK is FREE right now if you sign up on my blog to receive emails when I post. Sign up here and you’ll receive the link to download my book: “WHY I AM AN ANGLICAN.”

I'll be sharing what I learn at the Conference on my blog.

Happy Storytelling!



Storyline- (click here for MP3 file)