"Are you sure you want to reveal all this information about yourself? It's one thing to talk about it; it's another to put it in writing." I'd asked some friends to review the manuscript I've been writing, and one called just a few hours later. He knows me well and knows that the stories are true, but he cautioned that strangers might not respond the same way if they have to fill in words that I left out.

There are many events and relationships in my life for which I'm not proud. Some were not in my control, but many of them were. I've always taken full responsibility for my actions, but in most cases, I could hide the "secrets", burying them in my past and never mentioning them with new friends.

I'm reading J. I. Packer's "Knowing God" and the chapter on God the Judge was the answer to my friend's question: "God will judge men's secrets through Jesus Christ, as my gospel declares." (Rom 2:16). Packer continues that there are 4 characteristics of the Father who is the judge: 1) a person with authority, 2) a person identified with what is good and right, 3) a person of wisdom, to discern truth, and 4) a person who can execute a sentence.

God already knows all my sins and will judge me accordingly. I've come to understand that humans don't have the characteristics necessary to judge me, only God can. Sharing the deepest secrets of my life that have brought me the most shame has been a freeing experience. God already knew them and I no longer fear being “found out” and letting Satan hold them against me.


Humans may whisper in judgment, but they have no authority to exact my final sentence. Some may no longer choose to be my friends, but others will step into the forefront of my life. Knowing my weaknesses and sins, they will surround me with a zone of protection, to help me avoid Satan's traps in trying to goad me into repeating my sins.

Do you have secrets that you need to share with friends and ask for their prayers? God already knows about them.

Blessings, my friend,


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