Paul met with the elders of the church at Ephesus in a town called Miletus on his third missionary journey and then continued to the island of Kos for an overnight stay before sailing for Rhodes (Acts 20:21). Thales of Miletus was known as the ‘father of science’ particularly for his contributions in geometry and astronomy and Isidore of Miletus changed the art of architecture when he was one of two men who designed the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul.

After his experience on the Road to Damascus, it was clear to Paul that his mission was to spread the good news. For Paul, that meant preaching and teaching and traveling among the Gentiles. Although his mission was clear, he still sought the wisdom of the Holy Spirit regularly in prayer, and the vision of a pleading Macedonian in a dream was what brought Paul to Europe.

I need regular time for guidance, too. It isn’t always a new direction that God asks me to go in; sometimes it is just stronger reinforcement to keep serving him as I am.

Although we only have a record that Paul spent one night in Kos, I’ll be here three nights, seeking wisdom and direction as a routine checkpoint in my life. I’ve just spent 10 days on a wonderful pilgrimage to Greece and Turkey and I know that God has wisdom for me wrapped up in that experience.

Here’s a photo of the bay from my hotel at Kos looking East which overlooks a three mile stretch between the island and Turkey. It would have been the identical port that Paul would have stopped in on his overnight stay.

For me it is a time of solitude and a sanctuary to retreat from the everyday hustle and bustle of the world and to pray for friends and strangers. I also pray that you make time for routine “retreats” in your life, where the noise quiets, and God’s voice becomes crystal clear on what He asks you to do and where He wants you to do it. Let it be a regular time of renewal for you.