Receiving Healing

It started in November 2011 before my first trip to the Holy Land. I thought that I had pulled a muscle in my left leg that was causing intermittent pain and some weakness. I’m an avid exerciser, so it isn’t unusual when something hurts for a day or two. The pain would come and go, but by March, it was pretty steady. Each time I’d put weight on my left leg, I’d have a little spark of pain.

My doctor gave me some steroids and some pain medication and it got a little better, but in a few weeks I realized I was having trouble bending to the left in my Pilates class. I was pretty sure that it was related to an old disc injury in my back, so I started faithfully doing my back stretches again (that I’m supposed to do every day for life!).

Some days were better than others, but it would never quite resolve. In June 2012, I went forward during our Evening Healing Prayer Service and asked Rev. Leigh Spruill and Bets Ramsey to pray for me. I asked them to pray that my leg pain would be resolved and I’d have a good trip to New York for my high school class reunion in July. I was appreciative of their healing prayers and the holy oil that was placed on my forehead.

I was uncomfortable on the flight, but after arriving, I was in serious pain that evening. I pleaded with God, “I’ll do anything for you if you will relieve this pain.” I realized how silly it was for me to bargain with God and that I should be willing to do anything for him without expecting anything in return. The voice answered, “I want you to write.” I tossed out the bargain again, “I’ll do anything for you if you will relieve this pain.” Again the voice said, “I want you to write.”


I’d already been writing on my blog since September 2010 and had started a book in 2009, so I wasn’t really sure of His desire. I kept writing, but nothing really changed for me physically; I had pain each time I stepped on my left leg and limited motion to the left. It had gotten worse so that I even had pain when I slept. I faithfully kept up my back exercises and my writing every day.

Nothing changed between November 2011 and June 2013. But three weeks ago, I finished the book I’ve been working on. Later that day, I felt firebursts in my hip, like small fireworks where nerves were reconnecting. As of today, I’m able to walk without pain and have 95% of the motion returned on my left side.

What have I learned?

1. Healing doesn’t always happen immediately, and not in the way we ask
2. Reaching out to others for healing prayer is comforting even if healing doesn’t occur
3. God often comes to us in our darkest moments
4. God is healing all around us

I was asked by a friend, “Do you think it is a miracle that you have been healed?”

“I believe that it is just God being God.”

Blessings, my friend,


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