Re-connecting in the Holy Land

We’ve come in the dark of night to Tiberias, not as conquerors, but as learners. We landed at Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv at dusk and then on to the Scot’s Hotel and dinner. We have Morning Prayer at 6:30AM tomorrow at the Sea of Galilee

Our host is Fr. Kamal Farar, an Anglican Priest from Nazareth. Tonight, Fr. Kamal has instructed us on the three purposes for our trip:

1. to re-discover our Scriptures

2. to re-consider how we live our lives, and,

3. to re-start our commitment to be a witness to the Lord when we get home.

We are here to re-connect with our rabbi, the teacher, where He walked, and to learn from our Scriptures together.

Our journey has already begun.