Passion or Purpose

 Business executive Tim Sanders told a roomful of early adopters and creative Christian leaders today that “it isn’t about passion.”

We’re in Franklin, TN this week at the 12th annual RE:CREATE Conference at Gracepointe Church.

Tim confused me with this comment. I hear people talk about their  “passions” all the time like their faith, art, and music. Isn’t it good to be “passionate” about something and do it with gusto?

Tim explained: “When we talk about our “passionsit is all about us; what we enjoy doing.

Instead we need to talk about fulfilling our purpose in life, giving all the glory to God.”

We honor God by using the spiritual gifts that he has given us in the ministries where we serve. We get excited about living out our “purpose” in life, being grateful that it is also something that we enjoy.

Is your life about Purpose or Passion?

Serve God and give Him all the glory: then it’s both.




<Tim Sanders’ newest book is TODAY WE ARE RICH (2011).>



Passion or Purpose- (click here for MP3 file)