New and Improved

Gulp. Criticism is always hard to take, but it’s easier when it’s a friend. “You’re posting too often! Five times per week is too much.”

Dear Readers: I never meant to overwhelm you. After two years, and based upon your feedback, I’m making immediate changes:

1. No more than two stories and one prayer or photograph per week.

2. Stories on four topics only:

1.     Putting our Relationship with God first

2.     Connecting with Others through Holy Relationships

3.     Biblical Guidance on Strengthening Our Relationships

4.     Healing Prayer and Miracles

3. Adding occasional short 2-3 minute videos

4. Adding more Scripture verses and links to other authors’ writings on the same topic 

5. Re-designing the website for a fresh, less-cluttered look within the next 30-45 days.

What I hope this will accomplish:

  1. More time for COMMENTS and dialogue with each of you on a topic
  2. Weekly Study Groups could more easily incorporate the one or two blog posts into their weekly discussions
  3. I’ll have more time to work on my novel, CHASING MY FATHER. I’ve written the first six chapters (33,000 words) but need more writing time to I finish it. I’d like to have it out to my readers in Spring 2013.
  4. A refreshed look to the website will encourage you to invite more friends to join us on this journey.

What are your thoughts? Are these good changes? Please leave a COMMENT below, and ask your friends to SIGN UP to receive my posts! 

Thanks to all of you, my friends!



New and Improved- (click here for MP3 file)