Miracles- Part III

I'm not good with finances and each year I'm never sure if I'm getting a tax refund or owe more taxes. The first year that I filed as an individual after my divorce was 2009. Because of my change in filing status, I was hopeful that I would be getting a refund but had set aside some money just in case I owed more.

A friend of mine had fallen on tough times. He hadn't worked in almost 2 years and had piled up some credit card debt while he made sure to keep paying on his mortgage. He found a part-time job, but it was just barely enough money to cover the interest each month on his credit cards and to take care of his three children and elderly father.

As we talked, I told him that if I could help him with a loan I would, but would he share how much he owed on the credit cards? He said he would and as we hung up the phone, he sent me a spreadsheet of the balance on the cards and the interest he was paying.

I was amazed when less than 30 minutes later I got a call from my tax accountant who had finished calculating my taxes. My friend owed $13,400 and my tax refund was $12, 995. I had never gotten a huge refund before but my accountant explained that my change in tax status along with more charitable deductions had made the difference!

I believe in miracles, and I believe this was a clear sign that I was to help my friend with his debts so that he could get back on his feet again. And he has; he's working full-time at a good job that he likes and his finances are now back on track.

So is it a miracle? It was for me. God was explaining to me what it looks like to be generous and love your neighbor. He taught me that all my riches and possessions belong to Him and I am commanded to love others by sharing them.

This lesson was a miracle in my life, bringing spiritual healing to me. I hope it was a miracle in my friend's life, too.

Blessings, my friend,


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