Meeting Satan

I’ve been asked questions about my book and want to share them with you, my blog readers.

Question #6. You vividly describe two encounters with Satan, one when you were at home drinking your morning coffee, and then the next day in the chapel at your church. Tell us more.

I gave money to a friend to buy Christmas presents for his children, and to pay their school tuition after he’d lost his job. It was totally abnormal for me. I’d been raised to work hard and take care of my possessions, but never give them away. I’d heard the jokes about never loaning money to friends or family.

But this was different: it wasn’t a loan; it was a gift. I was working through what Jesus meant when he said to love my neighbor. I was trusting that God would provide for me and that I needed to share my resources with others.

That Saturday, Satan was so angry that he revealed himself by announcing who he is!  I was shocked, as I believe that Satan is always around, but he hides among the shadows. I rarely realize that it is Satan that is putting thoughts in my head of anger or lust; I get lulled into thinking that it’s “just the way the world behaves.” But once those thoughts take hold, Satan slides in to claim his prey: me. So it was shocking that Satan would actually tell me who he was. He was really angry. I never saw him that day, but clearly heard his voice.


Satan made a threat that if I didn’t stop giving my friend money, he’d take away my health, and my ability to pray for others. When I was scheduled to be a lay healing prayer minister the next day, he showed up in the chapel to make good on his promise that he’d “be back”. I could feel that he was trying to scramble my prayers so that people would be sad and turn away from God instead of being healed.

I admit that it’s unusual to hear and see Satan, but it really happened to me. Satan revealed himself because he was angry that I was obeying God’s command to love my neighbor.

We need to be prepared. The more focused on God we become, the more Satan tries to pry us away from our Lord and Savior.

Thanks for the question. I will never forget those two days.


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