Just a Small Town Girl

I don’t buy much furniture, but every 2-3 years I decide I need to update something. This time it is the sofa and chair in my family room.

I looked on-line at the Haverty’s website to help narrow down my choices and I found a few collections that looked like the right size (oversized chair and a sofa that I can nap in).

I took out the business card of the lady who sold me a cocktail table and end table 3 years ago and typed out an email telling her what I needed and asking when she would be working. She was extremely helpful 3 years ago not pushing me to look at items I wasn’t interested in, but giving enough guidance that I’ve been extremely pleased with my purchases. She’d followed up with a phone call a few weeks after delivery to make sure I was still delighted.

I wasn’t surprised at all when I got the return email indicating she’d be working all day Monday and invited me to stop by.

I was sure she wouldn’t remember me, but I introduced myself, produced her business card and told her how helpful she had been and how pleased I was with my purchase from 2016.


She was amazed that I had kept her card for 3 years and asked for her by name. I guess nowadays people buy furniture on the internet or comparison shop to get the best buy.

Being raised in a small town in Upstate New York, I knew everyone personally. The doctors and pharmacists, jewelers, subway shop owner, and the watering hole proprietors. I still had the funeral home directors’ name in my cardfile when my Dad passed away in 1980 and my Mom in 1990 in Oklahoma. I’d known Russ as a little kid, and knew exactly who to call when the time came and I needed him.

Maybe it’s because I’m a small town girl, or I enjoy meeting people, but I’m glad to reconnect with someone from a few years ago even if our paths only cross every 2-3 years.

I was amazed that she was so amazed that I had remembered.

Blessings, my friend,