I Am A Solider

Except for a few years in college, I’ve always been a regular churchgoer. When I’d move to a new part of town or a new city, I would dutifully “church-hop” until I found a church that fit my lifestyle and “fed” my faith. I’d often be attracted to a certain preaching style or the array of activities that were offered to “nourish my soul.”

I’ve noticed lately that our daily sermons have included reminders that we have a responsibility as Christians to not only be fed by our church, but also to go out and feed others. It’s nourishing when we partake of the wine and bread, but the real purpose is to fortify us so that can take care of our neighbors.


The Bruce Springsteen song, Rocky Ground starts with, “I am a soldier…” and continues, “Find your flock, get them to higher ground.”

It isn’t enough to sit in the pews. It is time for us to spread the good news of the comfort and peace that only Christ can bring. Once fed, we are sent out to shelter others from the Rocky Ground that is beneath our feet.





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