How Do You Set Priorities?


This is Day Two of the 5-week Lenten journey with The Society of Saint John the Evangelist and their daily meditation on TIME.

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Question: How do you set priorities in your life?

Transcript of Video:
In this five-week series we Brothers are inviting you to participate with us in a conversation around time. Time is a gift from God, but very often we experience it as something that brings stress and an anxiety into our life. We don’t feel we have enough time or we’re trying to fit everything into the time that we have and we find ourselves pushed by time and pulled by time.

So we’d like to look in this series at ways of reordering our time, of rethinking how we engage with time, and we’re going to do that under five categories.

In the first week we’ll just talk about stopping. There are certain times when we’re called to stop what we’re doing, to rest or to reflect.

We’ll also talk about prayer. How does prayer fit into our lives, and where do we find the time to pray and stay connected with God?

We want to talk about work, because many of us have a disordered relationship to time and work, and work drives us and consumes our time in ways that we experience as unhealthy and unwholesome.

We want to talk about play, because very few of us take time to play, and play is actually very important in – has an important role to play in the balance of our life.

Then we want to talk about taking time to love, taking time to listen to others, time to be with others, time to live into the fullness of our relationships.

So we hope that you’ll join us and that you’ll think with us on these topics and that you’ll consider the place of time in your own life.

                                                                    -Br. David Vryhof

Blessings on our journey to re-order time in our lives,