Her Back to the Sun

She keeps her back to the sun, hiding behind the dark leaves of her life and hopeful that no one can see who she really is. 

She dares not look up for meeting eye to eye will expose her sins and she will be found out.

Day after day she cowers in the shade, but then she slips for just a moment. One unguarded tip of her shoulder is exposed and she is bathed in a ray of warm sunshine from behind.

She is surprised by the warmth; a glow of acceptance without judgment washes over her, even in the overexposure of the bright light.

Slowly she raises her head, capturing more warmth through her hands, her shoulders and her back. She straightens to full height.

The light has liberated her from the darkness.

She stands tall in the sunshine, letting the cool leaves ornament her rather than shielding her from the past pain.



Her Back to the Sun- (click here for MP3 file)