Good Friday

This is a re-post of the 2011 story. Today is Good Friday 2012 and the message still rings in my heart.

Your Sister in Christ,



This Friday is a somber day for Christians throughout the world and it seems like it is always a gray or rainy day, with the sadness echoing in the weather. Maybe I have a slight feeling for what Mary, the mother of Jesus experienced as she watched her son die such a slow and painful death.

I’ve read about the horror of a crucifixion and what an awful death it was. It was so demeaning that no Roman would be subject to it, only outsiders.

As I settled into my pew on Good Friday last year, I prepared myself to be horrified again as the heavy cross was born by six of our strong men. The organist played the beautiful but mournful hymn, “Were You There When They Crucified My Lord?”

When the hymns are too familiar my mind wanders and this day was no different. I was contemplating the crucifixion when an image appeared in my mind. As they were nailing my Lord’s hands and feet to the cross, he yelled, “Wait. Wait. I won’t be crucified! She is too much of a sinner; I won’t die for her.” With that, he jumped down from the cross, re-assembled his clothes and began to trudge back down the hill of Golgotha.

I shook my head to clear the image, but the words rang out in my mind, “She is too much of a sinner; I won’t die for her.” I was so afraid that He was talking about me.

But then the real image came back into focus, of Jesus on the cross. I knew once again that Jesus died for me, a sinner, so that I might have abundant life. I am so grateful that He fulfilled God’s plan.

May you realize the sacrifice that God has made for you this Easter Season. In His unparalleled grace and mercy, He has forgiven you all your sins. You are His beloved child.

In return, ask Him what plan He has in mind for you.

Blessings, my friend,


Good Friday-(click here for MP3 file)