Giving Thanks

Rev. Roger Senechal’s 7AM homily yesterday prepared us for today, Thanksgiving,  reminding us of numerous Scripture verses of “Thanks Be to God” including Paul’s letter to the Thessalonians (5:16-18):  “Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.   

He concluded by describing a Thanksgiving tradition where family and friends who gather compile a joint list of their “thanks” using the alphabet to spark the discussion. I’m starting my tradition this year with my list below as I am truly blessed and give thanks. It might be a great tradition for your family too; please email this post to those loved ones that can’t be with you today to encourage them to make a list of their ‘Thanks Be to God.”

Have a Blessed Thanksgiving,



I give thanks to God for:

A         - Art   

B         - Baptisms, Bible Study and Brian

C         - Circle of Twelve, my friends and mentors, and Cooking

D         - David

E          - Education, Employment, and Eucharist

F          - Faith, Forgiveness, Friends, and Flowers

G         - Grace and Golf

H         - Health (free of cancer for 5 years), Healing Prayer, and my Huddle Group

I          - Inviting People to Church

J          - Justification by Faith

K         - K-cups Coffee

L         - Life and Love

M        - Monica, Matthew and Music

N        - Nicole and the Nashville Symphony

O        - Opportunities to use my Spiritual Gifts

P         - Priscilla, Paul, Photography, and Pilgrimage to the Holy Land

Q         - Questions that sharpen my faith

R         - Revs. Leigh Spruill, Malone Gilliam, Tim Jones, Sarah Kerr, Marcia King, Roger

              Senechal, Tim Taylor

            - Rachel, my dog

S          - Sight (restored after 4-1/2 years), South African friends, Sunrises and Sunsets

T          - Time

U         - Unearned Love

V         - Victory over Temptation

W        - Writing, Worship, The Word, and Wine

X         - ?

Y         - Yahweh

Z         - Zeroing in on my Purpose in Restoring His Kingdom

Giving Thanks-(click here for MP3 file)