Dinner Reservations

Him:     “Where do you want to go for dinner?”

Her:      “I don’t care.”

Him:     “Well, can you narrow it down to 3 or 4 restaurants?”

Her:      “I really don’t care.”

Him:     “Well, pick one.”

The Porch Club met this past weekend in Jacksonville, Florida for our semi-annual four-day weekend when we get together to share each other’s lives, families, and faiths, and to laugh a lot! There are four of us who all worked together in Nashville, and now I’m the only one still here. This is the seventh year we’ve gathered in our twice-per year “Porch Club” meetings in various parts of the country to celebrate our friendship.

Some conversations of The Porch Club are just plain funny. We often talk about real life relationships with past boyfriends, spouses and family members. This time one question started us laughing until we couldn’t stop.

“Why is it that most men can’t pick a restaurant?”

We’d thought back over all the dates, boyfriends, and spouses we’ve had over the years and we agreed: 90+% of them can’t make a decision about where to go for dinner. None of us are picky eaters so that isn’t the problem. It seems that if the guy is going to call you up and ask you out, he should have a plan. Why are some men reluctant to choose a restaurant; a fear of failing, of being judged, of making a bad decision? If the food or service isn’t good, do they feel that they’ll be blamed for ruining the whole evening?

I shared that I’ve had the “dinner dilemma” too in previous relationships with dates, boyfriends, and spouses, at least up until now. I’ve met a delightful man who calls with decisive dinner plans: “I’ve made reservations at 8 for tomorrow night at The Palm; I’ll pick you up at 7:40; is that okay? or “I want to surprise you tomorrow. I’ve made reservations, but all I’ll tell you is that the dress is casual. Are you okay with a little mystery?”

What a welcome relief! The Porch Club enjoys a man who is decisive, picks the restaurant, and makes the reservation. Sometimes when we don’t know which restaurant, it just makes it more fun!

I’d like to hear your comments: Why are men reluctant to pick the restaurant?

We could hardly stop laughing at the time it takes for us just to choose a place to eat!

Blessings, my friend,


Dinner Reservations- (click here for MP3 file)