Daily Bread


I’ve said the “Our Father” prayer at least a thousand times in my lifetime, maybe more. I like to meditate on the verses that talk about God’s kingdom here on earth, and I’m always renewed when I feel that God really is all around us, surrounding us with his love.

But the Rev. Michael Blaess drew my attention to a different verse in his daily sermon this past week, “Give us this day our daily bread….”

Michael reminded us that when the Jews were in exodus, they could only gather enough manna for one day to eat. If they stored more than what they needed, it would quickly spoil and rot (Ex. 16:18-20).

It is too easy in the coming days of Christmas cheer for us to want material things that far exceed what we need.

Starting today, I’m leading a simpler life, asking God to provide for me only what I need for today. I’m going to trust Him to take care of my today, and all of my tomorrows.

I pray that you will gather only what you need as your “daily bread.” Our excess riches and possessions will not be of any use in eternity.

Blessings, my friend,


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