Communicating His Love

"A mark of a mature Christian is to knock on the door of the dying and not be afraid to go in.”

As Christians, we would like our faith to solve every problem; we have a hard time accepting what looks like unanswered prayer. A doctor friend tells of his anger when a preacher came to visit one of his patients, prayed with the woman and told her that God would heal her if she had enough faith, but then stopped coming when she continued to get worse.

I am so grateful that my friends were willing to stick with me through my surgeries and treatments when I was living the whole experience of real pain in my life. Instead of abandoning me when the going got rough, they stuck around and loved me even more.

As God’s children, part of our ministry of comfort is simply being there in the darkest hours whether it is physical, emotional, or spiritual despair. Philip Yancey once wrote, “Our job, and I say this carefully, is to show we care even when God seems not to.” Part of God’s plan is that His love is communicated by people. It’s not always a vision or a still, small voice. Often it’s a pastor or friend who is incarnating God’s love. God is not absent; he has simply chosen to extend his love through us.

Do you have family members or friends who are experiencing the real pain of life? Are you willing to reach out to them to show that you care even if it makes you uncomfortable? God extends His love through you.

Blessings, my friend,


(PHOTO: The SEPARATION WALL outside of KANDO STORE in Bethlehem, Israel, 2011)

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