Close Friendship

I’ll be closely studying the Gospel of John, his letters and the Book of Revelation for the next six months as I reflect on the teachings of the Rule of the Society of Saint John the Evangelist. Each week I’ll be studying two chapters of the Rule and reading Scripture verses that show the close friendship that Jesus had with the disciple John.


“A Rule of Life is a covenant that we enter into with God and ourselves. This rule is not a law to follow, but a pattern of practice and discipline that helps us commit ourselves to living a full and balanced life, as well as a measure to help us gauge our progress.”

I’ve studied Scripture for over 45 years and there are still verses and stories that I don’t understand. I’m hopeful that reflecting on this Rule will show me how to live a “full and balanced” life. I want to stop just reading about it and fully experience a life molded in Jesus Christ.

In each chapter, I’ll be looking for a few words or phrases that are particularly meaningful to me and I’ll share them with you here.

Chapter Two is titled:  Our Dedication to the Disciple Whom Jesus Loved

These are the passages that are particularly meaningful to me:

“The image of the trusted friend lying close to the breast of Jesus is an icon of the relationship we enjoy with the Son of God through prayer. It is by being close to him that we are reunited with the Father, for Jesus is “God the only Son, who is close to the Father’s heart.”

“Love will open our eyes to the Spirit’s power in the sacraments, in prayer, in action and service.”

“Love will make us men of faith who know God’s power to bring life out of death. The beloved disciple recognized the Lord in the stranger by the shore. Love will expand our ability to know him in all persons, in all things, and in all places.”

May your eyes be open to the Spirit’s power.



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