Chapter 1- Chasing My Father

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I've just recorded the 1st chapter of my memoir, Chasing My Father. You can listen to the 11:32 minute podcast and download the MP3 file at the link below.

Chasing My Father details six years of my life since I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006. After treatment and reconstructive surgery, a friend connected me with an outreach trip to South Africa. It was there that I learned about love and forgiveness.

Upon returning to Nashville, I embarked on a wonderful journey to a new, transformed life of freedom and rest. People have asked why I decided to publish the book in 2013.

My answer: It started out in 2009 as a form of therapy as I struggled with some of the painful episodes in my life. Later, I talked with friends about my writing, and I found that many had similar experiences: they had been touched by cancer, survived a painful divorce, struggled with finances, or had no biological relatives. People related to the chapter when I’m angry with God, or when I’m struggling to love a family member addicted to alcohol. Apparently, some of my dating experiences weren’t that uncommon, either.

I hope you enjoy this recording: Chasing My Father, Chapter 1.