“Just as blood is vital to the well-being of the body, love is vital to the well-being of the soul.”

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The Rt. Rev. Edward Salmon was the guest preacher this weekend at St. George’s Episcopal Church in Nashville and he shared wisdom about relationships. I smiled as a friend recently commented that an item on her bucket list is to “fall in love one more time.”

We all long to be “in love” and even more, we long to be loved. Another friend tells me that he is wary of people that he meets; it isn’t easy for him to trust a stranger. At first, his confession sounded like a character flaw. Who wants to be characterized as non-trusting and wary? But that is what we are asked to do by Saint Paul when he writes to the Galatians to warn them about false teachers.

Paul was shocked at how easily the people were turning away from the central New Testament teaching of justification by faith. Instead they were believing those who were perverting the gospel.

I’ve often been fooled by people who proclaim the gospel, but don’t live it. They were faithful church-goers, but their lives were lived without love and compassion for others. It was all about playing by the rules, accumulating the most wealth, and “winning” at the expense of others.

I wanted to be loved, so I let those false prophets into my life. As Saint Paul says, I “served those which by nature are not gods…turning to weak and beggarly elements…desiring again to be in bondage.”

When we are trapped by a false love, we are anything but free.

My friend has taught me that it’s good to be wary. I don’t automatically trust someone no matter how good or religious they claim to be.  Although love is vital to the well-being of the soul, it is only when it is the “right” love that it gives life.

Blessings, my friend,


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