Bestseller List

My book Chasing My Father has been available for 90 days now. I’m excited that most of the local bookstores in Nashville as well as Hudson News at the Nashville airport are carrying it, and it’s available on-line at Amazon and other booksellers.

Recently, I’ve had at least a dozen people ask me if it is “on the bestseller list” yet.

NYT jpeg.jpg

There’s no denying that being a “New York Times Bestselling Author” has significant advantages. Once you’ve made the list, your name is known by millions, bookstores display your book more prominently, and any subsequent books are promoted as “…from the Bestselling Author...” even before their release.

I’ve participated in “promotions” by Christian authors who instructed that their book should NOT be purchased until a specific day so that the majority of sales would fall in the same week with hopes of getting a higher ranking on the list. I admit that afterwards I realized that I felt manipulated by the author, and vowed I’d never use that as a marketing technique.

I never wrote Chasing My Father with the intention of getting rich. I wrote the book because it is the story of my transformation after surviving breast cancer and divorce. I’m hoping that it will help someone else who’s going through a tough healthcare diagnosis, grieving from the loss of an intimate relationship, or trying to find God. I’m hopeful that young people will realize how powerful sexual attraction is, and treat sex as a gift from God, rather than something we do when we are bored or lonely.

Instead of “Bestselling”, the title I’d like to earn is “Best-read”. My idea of a “Best-read book” is one that people will read and can’t wait to share. I don’t care if people pass along one copy, or share kindle versions instead of buying more; I just want my book to be shared among friends and loved ones.

I received an email this week with the ultimate compliment for a “Best-read author”. It reads: “I downloaded the kindle version of your book yesterday and I couldn’t put it down. I finally fell asleep at 3AM, and I’m already halfway through it. I feel like I’m re-connecting with God.

Thank you my readers. Please read the book, talk about it, share it, and start a dialogue at , or on my blog.

I don’t aspire to make the New York Times Bestseller list; that isn’t the point. God changed my life, and that is the point.

Blessings, my friend,


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