A Captivating Woman

I’m a lot like some of my girlfriends and many of you. I’ve always had a career. I’m used to making my own decisions and being the ultimate authority when a group can’t decide on a course of action. I’ve served on Boards and raised money for good causes. I know how to get things done.

Recently I’ve questioned if those “business skills” are really good “relationship” skills.

My “executive presence” doesn’t work as well in personal relationships. I can’t make all the decisions, in fact, I don’t want to. In a dating relationship or marriage, I want the guy to take the lead. He’s stronger, capable of harder physical labor and has been given the responsibility by God to care for the world, including the women in his life. A woman’s tenderness and gentleness are to support and balance the man’s strength. When I hear someone describe a female as a “strong woman”, I immediately think that she needs a “stronger man”.  Something tells me that’s not what many of these “stronger women” are thinking most of the time. A woman should be strong in her faith, strong in her love, and strong in her respect for the men in her life. Authority goes hand in hand with the mutuality of submission, but someone’s got to lead. I expect the man in my life to lead.

I want a man to pursue me, to care for me and to protect me from the evil in the world. In return, I have to respect his leadership. I agree with John Eldredge in Wild at Heart. I long to be fought for by a man, I want to share his adventure, and I want to be able to unveil my beauty to him. Eldredge continues, “The world kills a woman’s heart when it tells her to be tough, efficient, and independent…all we’ve offered the good feminine soul is to be a “good servant”. I don’t want to be known as a “tireless worker”, I want to be known as a “captivating woman”.

Ladies, tell me your thoughts. Do you want the man to be the leader in your relationships?



Captivating Woman- (click here for MP3 file)