I Don't Like My Weight: Am I Lovely?

All women want to look and feel attractive. John Eldredge in Wild at Heart says, the deep cry of a little girl's heart is am I lovely?” Let’s face it; women worry about their weight.

For years, my mind translated” being lovely” into being thin. Our culture tells us that our value as women is based upon our appearance and much of that is translated into numbers on a bathroom scale. I would gain weight and then go on a crash diet to lose it; only to gain it back. I was the classic yo-yo dieter.

All that changed in 2006 when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I searched the internet for information and kept finding studies about body mass index (BMI) and breast cancer. When I visited with my doctor, she explained that women diagnosed with breast cancer that has spread and who are obese (a BMI of 30 or more) are 46% more likely to develop a second cancer within 10 years of their diagnosis when compared to women with a BMI less than 25.

I was just under a BMI of 30, but not by much. I resolved then that I would get to a healthy weight and stay there, not motivated by my insecurities, but because I wanted to honor God by taking care of my body as His temple, and hopefully preventing breast cancer again. Now my BMI is 20, safely within the recommended range of 18.5-24.9.

Other studies show that women who have NEVER had breast cancer have nearly TWICE the risk of developing breast cancer for the first time if they have gained more than 30 pounds since they were twenty years of age.

Now I maintain my weight to stay healthy and in the process, I not only feel better about my weight, but also my lifestyle choices. God made little ole me in His image and I need to honor His incredible gift.

Is there a female in your life that you love? Forward this post to her to encourage and support her to maintain a healthy weight. But guys, just a word of advice - tell her first how lovely she is - just because she is a Child of God!



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