God Gives Us Freedom

Henri Nouwen, in his April 17th meditation from Bread for the Journey says, “true freedom is the freedom of the children of God. Our political, economic, social and even religious powers want to keep us in bondage so that we obey their commands and be dependent upon their rewards. But the spiritual truth that leads to freedom is the truth that we belong not to the world but to God, whose beloved children we are. By living lives in which we keep returning to that truth in word and deed, we will gradually grow into our true freedom.”

These are a few of the true freedoms I’ve found:

Free to love God without reserve

Free to love others without trying to manipulate them

Free to share God’s resources without expecting anything in return

Free to be loved by others

Free to follow God’s plan in my life

Free to give up control

I pray that you will find true freedom, too.



God Gives Us Freedom-(click here for MP3 file)