Struggles of Christian Women

Since the RE:CREATE 2011 cruise, I’ve gotten more serious about writing, especially in regards to my book. As a result, I have been interviewing Christian women.  One of my interview questions is: “What are the struggles that we face today as Christian women in our relationships with men?”

Here are the struggles of these wonderful Christian women (in no particular order):

1. Dating (or marriage to) an unbeliever

2. The Bible doesn’t endorse sex outside of marriage

3. Loving God more than any man

4. God abhors divorce; is it okay to remarry if the divorce was for other than adultery?

5. Dating a man with small children

What are you struggling with? Maybe it isn’t you but a family member or close friend who is wrestling with these, or similar questions.

I’d like to invite you to send me your top 2 struggles either via comment or contact form on this blog. I’d like to compile a list and do a survey of my readers to get a better understanding of the issues that Christian women face.

Blessings, my friend,



STRUGGLES OF CHRISTIAN WOMEN-(click here for MP3 file)