Awesome Responsibility

As a Christian woman, I expect that a husband is going to be the spiritual leader of the family. He’ll lead, instruct, and protect his wife and family from Satan’s grasp.

Recently, I’ve realized that Christian women have an awesome responsibility, too. When we love and respect the men in our lives, we must return them to God when they falter.

It may be a lost job, a wild sibling, a worry over the house payment or too little time to prepare a Sunday school lesson that makes us stray from God. Men have fears, false idols, and insecurities, too, and it is important how we women react when our men go through a time when they aren’t strong.

Do we become critical and judgmental? Do we seek solace in the company or arms of another man? Do we withdraw into our shell regretting that we ever started the relationship?

These reactions play into Satan’s hand. He wants to keep us at odds with each other. He loves to separate a loving couple into two solitary individuals who are then easy for him to tempt. Jesus never sent the disciples out alone, always in twos, not only for protection but also to support each other when one would become discouraged. In Sirach 36:29 we have instruction to wives: “He who acquires a wife gets his best possession, a helper fit for him and a pillar of support.”

Sometimes, women have to be the strong ones. It’s an awesome responsibility: to keep returning our men to God.

Ladies, can you do it? Rely on God’s strength and you can.



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