Healing Power of Friends

Some days are better than others – and every now and again I live through an “other.”  I try to remember that God gives me all the resources I need to handle life regardless of the type of day I think I’m having. One day early last week fell into the “other” category. I had stayed up too late studying the night before and felt like I was coming down with a cold. Then a close friend called to say that her father-in-law had died over the weekend after a long illness; another friend called with the news that her sister had just been diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. Sometimes, life comes at you real hard.

When I finally arrived home at the end of the day, I was consumed with sadness. I thought crying might help, but my tears did little to comfort me. It’s hard when you or your friends suffer and all the news was taking its toll on me. I was restless with emotion.

I sent a text to two friends in my Circle of Twelve. “Tough day. I’m okay, no need to call, but I can use your prayers. Close friends are touched by sadness.”

Immediately, a reply text: “Meet us at 9:15 tonight in the chapel. We’ll pray for you and your friends’ healing.” Wow; I was overwhelmed with the sudden response.

My church has a chapel open 24 hours a day and I met them there exactly at 9:15. What a great relief to see them and to join them as we knelt down to pray. They thanked God for His presence and prayed that my friends would be comforted in their sorrows (Matthew 18:20).

It was amazing to have these two friends sharing my burdens, and lifting me up to God (2 Corinthians 1:3-11).

Desmond Tutu writes in the Foreword to Rowan William’s book, Where God Happens: “…we want to be helped, all of us…to find our way back home to our true rest…our hearts will remain forever restless until we find our true rest only in God.”

I reached out to my friends in my restlessness, humility and despair. They in turn showed me the way back to God.

Do you believe in the healing power of friendships? I hope you will share some of your stories.



Healing Power of Friends- (click here for MP3 file)