Who can we trust?

We’re in a crisis of trust. We don’t trust our governments, our institutions or even each other. We assume that things aren’t arranged for our benefit and we are powerless, humiliated and paralyzed because someone else has the upper hand. Trust seems risky and full of folly. With the divorce rate in the 60% range (even in the evangelical community), we no longer follow the “to death do us part, for better or worse” commitment.

As humans we are imperfect. We talk about being trusting and trustworthy, but the reality is we all have our own agendas. How we judge “trust” in one another also varies from individual to individual and from day to day. When we see someone acting without any thought for themselves, without reward or consolation, wholly focused on another, we see a faint reflection of what God is naturally like. But we are still suspicious that it is real; we don’t trust our ability to trust.

God is unwavering in his love for us and can be 100% trusted, day in and day out, without fail. He created everything and has no need for a selfish purpose. He made us in His image, loves us as His children, and wants the best for us. I trust in His unwavering mercy, grace and forgiveness. It seems impossible to believe because it is so contrary to how human relationships are. 

I can’t love others until I first trust God.




Trust- (click here for MP3 audio file)