I was familiar with blessings from my childhood, “Bless this food, etc.” We didn’t actually say a blessing at our dinner table, but when I would visit friends, their Dads would say “Grace” and growing up Roman Catholic, we were blessed by the priest before we left mass on Sundays.

Three years ago, “Blessings” took on a new meaning for me. I met a man at an out-of-town convention and we struck up a conversation. We had recently joined new churches in different cities and were eager to talk about our experiences.

I shared dinner with him the next night, too, and I was amazed at how strong his faith was; he really trusted Christ. I wanted to learn more and we exchanged email addresses.

A few days later I got an email from him. At his Sunday service, the sermon was on Exodus 23:25, “You shall worship the Lord your God, and I will bless your bread and your water; and I will take sickness away from among you.” I couldn’t believe that was the Scripture for the day; I hadn’t told him that I was undergoing reconstructive surgery for breast cancer! I longed to hear, “I will take sickness away from among you.”

Blessings,” was the closing salutation.  I thought, “How funny! We aren’t eating a meal.” But the idea that a perfect stranger would “Bless me” warmed my heart. I wondered what it meant and found this definition: “Spiritual and material benefits given by God to be enjoyed.” 

After a few more emails, I realized that he signed every one, “Blessings”. I started to sign my emails to my good friends with “Blessings”, too. I wanted them to know that I cared about them and wished enjoyment for them, both spiritually and materially.

I‘ve never seen him at another convention, but we trade emails often. He signs each one, “Blessings, “ and it always warms my heart. It is a tangible reminder that another person believes that I am a Child of God and worthy of all good things, both spiritual and material.

How about your friends? Would their hearts be warmed if they received a message from you signed, “Blessings”? Why not give it a try—start today.

Blessings to you, my friend,



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