of Christ

"Body of Christ"



"Spirit of Christ"



"I stared in awe at these two photos side by side. I had varied the amount of light coming into the camera lens, resulting in a transition from the reality that the eye sees to the perception that the heart feels. Our faith is the same: when we allow Christ’s light to come into our life, our faith moves to a new dimension with the Holy Spirit. When we are abrupt and impatient, we have little time for spiritual disciplines like Scripture reading and prayer, but when we sit quietly and patiently, we leave our “shutter” open for extended timeframes. It is then when we are drenched in the light of Christ and clearly feel His Spirit in our life. When we neglect our faith, we see only what our eyes see, but when we are bathed in Christ’s light, we see what our hearts see, the Spirit of Christ."

Agatha Nolen


First exhibited: C3 Art Salon, C3 Conference, Nashville, TN, March 1, 2012