Pandora Mentality

Nicolas Régnier - Allegory of Vanity (Pandora) -1626

Nicolas Régnier - Allegory of Vanity (Pandora) -1626

The Rev. Roger Senechal started his sermon discussing the streaming music site, Pandora, an Internet radio site that plays “music you’ll love.” When we select songs, Pandora creates a user profile of “likes,” and then offers us more of the kind of music that we already listen to.

It’s fascinating how Internet sites use our previous purchases and choices to “suggest” our future selections. Tragically, we end up alone on our island, holding dear a customized, but narrow set of opinions and beliefs. Eventually we don’t know that there is any music out there other than our own tune.

Roger cautioned that we can develop a “pandora mentality” about other things in life. We form political opinions and then only listen to newscasts that agree with us. Or we ascribe to a certain lifestyle and then selectively read Bible passages that we think support it. We begin to reject and malign any position that disagrees with our narrowly formed opinions.

Hopefully, someone breaks our isolation and says, “Listen to this song with me.” At first we are unsettled, but then we become curious that there is more out there than our current world holds.

When we develop a “pandora mentality,” we aren’t open to the new things that God is doing in our life and reject them as not the “music that we love.”

What if God is trying to tell you something that you don’t already know? With a “pandora mentality,” you will never hear His voice.

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