Chapter 1- Audio Recording- TRANSITIONS

Chapter 1- audio recording- TRANSITIONS (11:32)

Questions about my book, CHASING MY FATHER?

An interview in CONNECTIONS, February 2014 edition of Episcopal Diocese of TN newsletter (page 7)

Here are three short audio recordings from my book:

A Visitor Who Changed My Life (4:11)

I Have Always Loved You. (9:17)

Healing Prayer: The First Time (5:04)


In preparation for another interview about my book, I'm sharing responses on my blog. 
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Question #1Your book opens at your parents’ gravesite in St. Joseph’s Cemetery in Perry, NY. Do you really believe that you can communicate with the dead?

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Question #2. Why did you decide to write a book?

Question #3You write in Chapter 8 that you find forgiveness and love on your first trip to South Africa in 2007. But in Chapter 19, you tell a different story, where a young South African boy isn’t embraced and instead is treated as an outcast. It's on your 2010 trip. How do you reconcile that the two experiences were so different?

Question #4You’ve been successful in certain aspects of your life, but in other areas you’ve made serious mistakes like two failed marriages and affairs with married men. What have you learned from your mistakes?

Question #5Your book opens in upstate New York where you are staying at a monastery making a silent retreat. That sounds awfully austere. Tell us why these times of solitude are important.

Question #6. You vividly describe two encounters with Satan, one when you were at home drinking your morning coffee, and then the next day in the chapel at your church. Tell us more.

Question #7. Your memoir includes events that you describe as "God's kingdom breaking through." Is there one episode in your life that you would say is your "conversion experience"?